Buy a Domain is a domain names marketplace completely dedicated to gambling-related domains.

From betting domains to casino and sportsbook names, from igaming domains to poker domains, at companies and individuals within the gambling industry can find the perfect domain names for their online gambling sites and brands. is now a division of a holding company controlling the gambling domains portfolios put together over the last 15 years by BetReview and Domain Invest, businesses established by Pierluigi Buccioli, who back in 2003 also founded Bookmakers Review, the most popular bookmaker ratings site in Europe, and who has been buying and selling gambling-related domains since 2007.

Our wealth of expertise in the gambling and igaming industries means we are well positioned to identify domain names that provide branding opportunities as well as advise interested buyers about the peculiarities of the gambling domains market, which is different and more sophisticated compared to the generic domain names market.

Buy It Now listings are domains available for immediate purchase, with the possibility for the interested buyer to add a BIN domain to the domains shop cart and immediately submit payment, without having to go through long and quite often unnecessary negotiations with the seller with multiple offers and counter offers.

New customers can pay for domain names using or Sedo’s Escrow Services (buyer always pays the entire escrow fees).

Existing customers, meaning buyers that have acquired and successfully paid for a domain name within the last 24 months, can also pay using bank wire (domain name will only be transferred after the full payment is received).

Contact us to see if we have a financing option available on the domain you are interested in.

It’s also possible that we have a lower priced domain that could suit your needs, so always make sure to contact us to discuss available options.

Once the payment funds have cleared, will transfer the domain to the buyer. If the buyer uses the same registrar where the domain name is currently registered, it is generally just a matter of “pushing” the domain from one account to another. If the buyer uses a different registrar, the procedure will take few more steps. will send complete transfer instructions to the buyer. If or Sedo’s Escrow Service is the chosen payment method, the buyer funds will be held in an escrow account until the domain transfer is completed.

Sell a Domain

Not at this time.

Early on, offered the ability to owners of gambling domains to list them for sale, but the quality of domain names we were able to attract didn’t warrant the continuation of the service.

We are still interested in buying your premium gambling domains outright and if you have one for sale we’d love to hear from you.

If you own a premium gambling domain that you wish to sell, please submit it for consideration including the asking price to sales at gamblinginvest dot com or use the contact form. is mainly looking for gambling-related keywords with high search volumes and short brandables bet domains, in both the keywordbet and betkeyword format, as well as premium casino domains and crypto domains.

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