Possible responsible gambling campaign name revealed by RGT’s domain registration

Responsible Gambling Trust domains

The Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT), a UK charity funded by the gambling industry through voluntary donations to support the research, education and treatment of problem gambling, recently registered a number of “be gamble aware” domains, including begambleaware.com, begambleaware.co.uk and begambleaware.org.

The organization came under public scrutiny earlier this year when the Guardian revealed a 2013 document in which Neil Goulden, who at the time chaired the Responsible Gambling Trust, the Association of British Bookmakers and the Gala Coral Group, warned the gambling industry that “a vociferous anti-gambling lobby” posed a threat.

At the time when the RGT launched a study into betting machines and gambling addiction, its chairman called for research to help to position gambling as an economically valuable and socially responsible leisure pursuit, while also inviting the gambling industry to learn from the car industry which “is not blamed for road accidents or for building cars that exceed the maximum speed limit”.

On Monday, the Responsible Gambling Trust announced the publishing of a new National Responsible Gambling Strategy that will focus on prevention.

As part of its ongoing activities, the RGT manages the Gamble Aware website (gambleaware.co.uk), where it provides information to help people make informed decisions and gamble responsibly.

Gamble Aware, whose slogan is “Gamble Responsibly”, last year organized the Gamble Aware Week, during which UK’s high street bookmakers encouraged their customers to only bet what they can afford to lose.

Considering the Gamble Aware Week was not repeated this year and that the Responsible Gambling Trust doesn’t own any of the “gamble responsibly” domains currently registered (gambleresponsibly.com is owned by a Canadian web development company, gambleresponsibly.org by the state of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, gambleresponsibly.co.uk was at some point registered but recently expired), we can speculate that the “be gamble aware” domains were registered in anticipation of a new responsible gambling campaign as part of the newly announced RGT strategy to concentrate on the prevention of problem gambling.

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